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Oatlands Park Bowling Club

Although the club has been in existence since 1924 and over the years has held several fun events, the 2015 season was the first to hold an actual ‘Fun Day’.  And what a fun day it was.

The theme was red, white and blue.  All those taking part (32 - approximately two-thirds of the membership) wore white trousers/skirts (ladies only!) and a red, white or blue top.  What a spectacle it was to see everybody on the rink; such a change from the usual white turnout.  I’m not sure about the two football shirts on display (worn by a supporter of Fulham and a supporter of Queens Park Rangers) but at least it was only two rival teams and not a whole league.

The overriding dictum for the afternoon was ENJOY!  Players were very successful at that, but some people took a while to get to grips with the rules for the afternoon.  Once play was under way it was evident that the event was going to be a success, with much hilarity caused by teams struggling to score and misunderstanding where they should be on the green.  Halfway through the afternoon, a quick break for tea and biscuits and then back on the green for the final few ends. 

After completing all the games, it was back to the pavilion for fish and chips and a beverage of choice (wine, beer, coke, juice, tea or coffee), following which the names of the winner and runners up were announced.  A bottle of wine for each was the reward.

It was such a successful afternoon that it’s been agreed that from now on the final event of the season should be a Fun Day. It’s such a great club to be involved with and events like this highlight how sociable, enterprising and supportive the members are.

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